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Can someone please elaborate on some of the features of Bubbles as a more advanced people directory within a corporate environment?

How do the functions that group people into communities etc work out?

Any more explanations would be much appreciated!

Thank you

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    The communities functionality is still a work in progress, it is not in the current public beta (although we do have some clients using it). It will probably not be in the 1.0 release but should ship with 1.1.

    Basically you can assign a space as a certain community type, and control who can join or has admain rights. There are various macros to display community members which could work like a people directory.

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Bit more info - there are different types of communities:

    • open - anyone can invite/join
    • moderated - invite/join requests need community admin approval
    • closed - only community admins can invite/add members
    • network - only system/confluence admins can add members (also often used for mass enrolment via API, eg. adding all users with specific email address or country)

    Users can be assigned different roles in the community (which translate to space permissions), eg. participant, contributor, moderator, admin

    There's macros to create links to join/leave/invite as well as actions for managing community members, etc.

  3. Unknown User (loleg)

    Is it also possible to build on the Confluence User Profile, adding more fields or some dynamic information, instead of creating personal spaces?

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      No, not currently. You might want to look at the User Information Plugin, however there this plugin has never really got out of beta.

      1. Unknown User (loleg)

        I'm having a look, thanks for the prompt reply.