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I am having new issues with my communities and I am not sure where they arose from.

Space admin > community bubbles > 'manage members' is BLANK. I can't invite new members to the group or delete members now. There is drop down option under the username menu 'community members', again this tab is blank.

My community has 20 members and I can see this from the 'manage user/groups' tab. Further more, my members are in the group that the community assigns people to and community enrollment is set to moderated (anyone in the group can invite another person).

Help. What could be going on?

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  1. Unknown User (heatherfara)

    I am still locked out in all communities. There is nothing in the community members tab and I can't administer communities as a result. No invite or remove options. I do not know what happened as it worked in the past.

    All other related macros work. For instances I can use the view community members using the macro to view on page. I can also list groups that a user has joined on their personal pages.

    To be clear all my groups have membership that allows users to invite other members.

    I have tried and failed to resolved in these ways:

    restarting confluence instance
    downgrading bubbles to previous version
    unistalling and reinstalling bubble with most recent 1.6.2
    updating confluence to 3.4.x from 3.1.x
    changing membership schemes to administered
    changing membership groups to fully open


    1. Unknown User (heatherfara)

      I think I found the issue. I am using confluence's fixed width theme. I think pages are not wide enough. Pages where I had columns with video or task lists are running off the page and hidden sometimes. I has noticed that some macros will not compete and fall low on the page where I can't see them.

      What page width is being used as the standard for this plugin?