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Hello - I'm new to confluence and am really enjoying working with it. The Themebuilder and Community bubbles are key to making this a successful rollout. Thank you for making these tools available to the community!

I would like to change the text from "Add Comment" to "Reply to Topic" on a forum. Is this possible? I haven't found any place to specify the text for the link.

Apologies if this is a simple question. I'm as green as they come....

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    The Add Comment text is part of Confluence itself so the Bubbles plugin doesn't have any control over that. If you are themeing your site with Builder you may be able to create you own links for this, then show the "Reply to Topic" one conditionally when viewing a forum, and "Add Comment" on all other pages. (Using the bubbles-show macro)

    1. Unfortunately builder doesnt implement it's own comments, they are a pass-through to the confluence comments code (the hide, collapse & add comment links are generated by confluence) ... you can change the text displayed through a Language Pack Plugin ... however this will change the text on all spaces.

      To make this happen within builder you would need to implement your own version of the confluence comments code and build it into a macro ... this is definitely possible, however it would require considerable maintenance to be able to cross between confluence versions.

      I would imagine that an initial update of the comments decorator based on the confluence version of your choice would be do-able within a few days of developer time (depending on your requirements it may be do-able within a single day - our minimum work unit), however you should be aware that it may or may-not work with updated versions of confluence.

      If you are interested in having us develop a macro like this for you then please create an issue in the GSE project on requesting a quote for the work.

      Another alternatve may be to replace the text using some jQuery code in the 'before body end' custom html section, however this would also require builder as the confluence theme only has a global setting for this value.

  2. Unknown User (

    Thanks Guys - appreciate the response. I don't want to deviate off the supported code base so we'll make it a training issue that add comment = reply.

    Minor issue not a show stopper.