Blog from May, 2009

Community Bubbles 1.4 Released

The 1.4 release of the Community Bubbles plugin has been released today. This release contains new features allowing page comments to be locked and show and hide macros to help administrators build custom themes.

Check out the release notes for this release for more information.

This release is just in time for the Atlassian Summit which is being held next week. If you are attending this conference look out for some of the Adaptavist staff who will be available in our booth as well as presenting in some sessions. If you aren't attending the summit (like me (sad) ) keep an eye out next week as its going to be a bumper season for plugin releases and updates from across the Atlassian Community.

Also today we have released a bug fix release: 1.3.3. This release fixes some issues customers have been having using the plugin on IBM Java runtime environments.

Community Bubbles 1.4 Release Candidate Available

The first release candidate for the 1.4 release of the Community Bubbles plugin is now available. Check out the release notes for more information on the features that are coming in the 1.4 release.

Community Bubbles 1.3.2 Released

Community Bubbles 1.3.2 has now been released. This release is a small bug fix release for customers currently using a previous release from the 1.3.x branch.

Check out the release notes for more information.

Deprecating Bubbles my-recent-edits macro

As we get closer to the release of the 1.4 version of the Bubbles plugin we are also keeping a close eye on the upcoming release of Confluence 3.0. Because of feature updates coming in Confluence 3.0 we are going to deprecate the my-recent-edits macro and the Recent Edits Profile Tab in the next release of the Bubbles plugin.

The 3.0 Confluence release will have some exciting new features, such as improved rich text editing, updated macro notation help and lots of updates to the personal profile including support for micro-blogging within Confluence itself. One of the features that has been announced via the development release notes is that the recently-updated macro will be able to show all the updates that a user has made not just the updates that are also the most recent revision. (Confluence 3.0-m7 Release Notes). Confluence 3.0 will also include an updated user profile that will show a users recent activity.

These two changes will effectively make the current functionality in the my-recent-edits macro and recent edits user profile action redundant. Since the next release of the Bubbles plugin (1.4) will only support Confluence 2.10.2+ it would seem silly to promote this functionality to new users when Confluence will support similar functionality natively in the next version. For this reason the Bubbles my-recent-edits macro and profile action will be deprecated in 1.4.

What is actually going to change?

The my-recent-edits macro and recent edits profile tab will be disabled by default for new plugin installations. This change has been released today with the latest 1.4-m3 development release.

What If I currently use the Bubbles {my-recent-edits} macro?

That's ok, you will still be able to use this macro. It will just be disabled by default when you first install the plugin. A Confluence administrator will need to enable that module if you want to use it. After a few releases this functionality may be removed, but we'll provide some warning before that happens.

Community Bubbles 1.4 Milestone 2 Released

The second milestone build for the 1.4 release of the Community Bubbles plugin is now available for testing.

This release contains new macros to help theme builders show or hide content based on bubbles settings, as well as other bug fixes and improvements. Check out the release notes for more info, or view the current draft documentation in the development wiki.