Adaptavist Management Team

Meet the team

Below is the Adaptavist leadership team, you can also read more about the people that power Adaptavist on our recruitment website.

Simon Haighton-Williams
A veteran of a range of technology businesses, Simon has led Adaptavist since 2010. He brings experience of both large and small operations to the role and understands when the detail is more important than the big picture – and vice versa.
Dan Hardiker
Chief Evangelist
Dan brings 10+ years of experience with Atlassian software to his role as Chief Evangelist. Perhaps the leading global authority on Atlassian performance tuning, Dan is responsible for Adaptavist’s technical strategy and continuing our standing as Atlassian’s Most Technically Excellent Expert partner.
Gary Stevenson
Sales Director
A highly accomplished business developer with a track record in the digital strategy, software development and product development spaces. Adept at getting to the heart of clients' business challenges, Gary has experience with clients in verticals from government and retail to financial services and manufacturing.
Tom has spent the last 20 years working with some of the world's leading companies, helping to design and deliver enterprise-scale solutions in often complex and challenging environments. He has overall responsibility for delivery across the business and passionately believes that strong relationships are the key to success.
Lucia looks after everyone in the Adaptavist family from supporting the recruitment of new members to looking after the amazing talent already here. She has worked in start-ups and Enterprises and has a keen interest in employee engagement.
Jon Mort
Head of Product Engineering
Jon leads the Engineering team at Adaptavist. He is focussed on creating and sustaining an environment where engineers can thrive and deliver value for customers through our products and professional services. Jon established Adaptavist's innovation days, an opportunity to explore ideas and potential across the organisation.
Jari Worsley
Head of Product
With over 20 years experience in the software services industry, Jari is deeply technical with an ability to spot trends, bring clarity to complexity and turn ideas into reality.  At Adaptavist he focuses on bridging the gap between design and customer need. His passion for using great technology to deliver real business value, intersects with his pragmatic approach to ensure success within the product business.
Alexander (Lex) Archon
Financial Controller
Lex oversees our financial transactions, analytics, and reporting. As well as ranking #2 in the world in 2015 in a CIMA (Chartered Institute Management Accountants) Strategic Case Study exam, he is a natural leader who enjoys mentoring, coaching and inspiring others to succeed.