Admire SmartDraw
December 06, 2018

Why our customers love SmartDraw

Charlie Harrisson 4 minute read

Did you know that visual content makes up 93% of all human communication? 

And with 65% of the population believed to be visual learners, it’s no surprise that visual-driven social networking platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have continued to explode in popularity.

Being able to visualise your business data to make fast and informed decisions, is vital in this age of rapid innovation and development. Extracting meaningful data insights and bringing them to life for your customers and stakeholders using compelling infographics, charts, and diagrams will help drive performance and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Smart formatting with SmartDraw

With SmartDraw you can create any diagram you want in minutes. It really is that easy. In fact, it’s the only diagramming app with intelligent formatting which means as you edit it will automatically adjust and resize your drawing to ensure you always retain perfect symmetry. If you need to communicate complex messages, processes or systems in an easy-to-understand, bite-size format, SmartDraw is the tool for you.

As a strategic partner of SmartDraw, you may be thinking we are a little biased in our view.  So we decided to ask our customers what they think of SmartDraw, why they chose it and crucially how it’s helping their business succeed.

Here’s what we learned

Ease-of-use and value-for-money are the top reasons why our customers use SmartDraw as their diagramming solution of choice. During their evaluation of some of the most popular visualisation apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, they found SmartDraw to be the most user-friendly and flexible due to its unique intelligent formatting feature.

Watch this video to see intelligent formatting in action

SmartDraw has 4,500 templates to choose from including network diagrams, flowcharts, software design, wireframes and organisation charts. You’ll never have to start from scratch and are guaranteed professional looking diagrams each time.

How our customers are using SmartDraw

Our customers are using SmartDraw to capture and visualise ideas and complex processes in easy-to-edit diagrams. By helping our customers to create diagrams at-speed, it is saving them time, boosting their efficiency and fostering collaboration across multiple teams. Here are just four ways our customers have been using SmartDraw across IT, client services, software project management, and human resources departments: 

1. Flow charts for System Administrators

System administrators use flowcharts to visualise the steps needed to install new software and how environments will interact with other systems. There are over 34,000 symbols to choose from that can be added to represent a specific task for added clarity. Keyboard shortcuts enable users to create diagrams without ever taking their hands off the keyboard.

2. Decision Trees for Client Services

Client services teams use SmartDraw decision trees to map out issue escalation paths, highlighting what the next action should be, what to say to customers and when. SmartDraw is also helping client services to visualise customer scenarios and to determine the best course of action to resolve issues.

3. Gantt Charts for Project Managers

Project Managers use Gantt charts to list the technical requirements of a software project, breaking these down into smaller tasks to ensure the work gets done. Visualising separate tasks within a timeframe and budget builds consistency across departments. By using SmartDraw Object Notation (SDON) users can generate diagrams that represent hierarchical and relationship data to help reduce workloads.

4. Organisational Charts for Human Resources

HR teams use organisational charts to map out and visualise team structures and identify paths of responsibility. With SmartDraw’s intelligent formatting users can add job titles to organisation charts with a single click, plus there are dozens of customisable templates to choose from. Moving and adding people to your organisation chart can be done in a matter of minutes.

Bring clarity to complexity with SmartDraw

 Our customers love using SmartDraw to help their customers and stakeholders to visualise and understand complex ideas and concepts fast. With SmartDraw diagrams for Confluence and Jira, you too can communicate your message in an easy-to-understand and visually impactful way. And if you already use Jira and Confluence, SmartDraw integrates seamlessly across the Atlassian stack, improving daily productivity within the most demanding of agile development, system admin and client service teams. 

Remember people can only retain a little bit of what they hear and read.

So next time you need to impress your stakeholders, get buy-in for a new idea or engage your team in a change initiative, bring your message to life and make it memorable with SmartDraw.