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Why automation is key to agile success

Why automation is key to agile success
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Why automation is key to agile success

Wednesday 10 April at 2:50pm (Expo Hall Theatre B)

Adaptavist and SAP Fieldglass will share the stage at this year’s Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, to talk about the key role automation plays in improving business agility and leading the way with quality assurance.  

In today’s ‘everything now’ economy, it’s no longer enough to have a great product or service to offer.  If you want to thrive and dominate your market, speed and efficiency are the new game-changers.

For one of our valued customers, SAP Fieldglass, focusing on speed, quality, and operational agility ensures they stay frontrunners in the highly-competitive talent management space. But how do they balance the need to deliver at break-neck speed alongside their customer demands for higher quality products and experiences?

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How Adaptavist ScriptRunner accelerated automation for SAP Fieldglass

Increasing speed and quality with automation

We are excited to be sharing the stage at this year’s Atlassian Summit with Krishnanand Nayak, Jira Admin, SAP Fieldglass, where we will share our insights into the speed vs quality debate when it comes to agile development and the critical role automation plays in achieving agile success.

We will share SAP Fieldglass’ journey to embed leading automation solution, Adaptavist ScriptRunner, into every stage of their development process, making automation core to their agile approach as well as their culture and mindset as an organisation.

“Time” is what Krishnanand sees as the biggest value ScriptRunner has given the SAP Fieldglass team. Join us at Summit to hear how by accelerating their automation efforts, SAP Fieldglass have been able to significantly reduce their manual footprint, increase quality with every release, and focus on the next phase of their growth as a business.

Come see us at Summit on Wednesday 10 April at 2:50pm (Expo Hall Theatre B) to find out more about how Adaptavist ScriptRunner can help your business achieve agile success.


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