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Adaptavist joins forces with Temporall to help clients enhance cross-team collaboration.

Temporall and Adaptavist partnership

We’re thrilled to announce we are teaming up with Temporall—a pioneer in organisational intelligence for leaders. This new partnership will see us enrich our Slack offering to clients, fusing it with Temporall’s advanced analytics platform—Workbench—to help leaders transform the employee experience.

Taking Slack to the next level

“Adaptavist is an exceptional partner for Temporall. We’re delighted to welcome them to the ecosystem and work together to bring greater value to Slack users. Our Slack analytics are the most advanced on the market and when combined with the expertise of the Adaptavist team, will be an extremely beneficial addition to any Slack user,” shares Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO at Temporall.

Like Temporall, we believe data is one of the most powerful assets a modern business has and if harnessed properly it can offer today’s leaders a new competitive advantage. Our collaboration with Temporall will see us leverage their Workbench intelligence for Slack solutionto help clients unlock the true value of Slack and drive better cross-company collaboration. 

Leveraging data to drive better engagement  

As our CIO, Neal Riley shares “ today’s virtual workplace, employee experience is everything. Best-in-class tooling like Slack is enabling teams to collaborate in ways only imagined before. But, to tap into what really drives engagement —the right data is vital. Thanks to our exciting new partnership with Temporall, we are thrilled to offer clients the combined power of Slack and Workbench to build a better understanding of their organisation, and take their employee engagement to new heights.”

Better insights, better decisions, better experiences

As both a valued client, and now a valued partner of Temporall, we have experienced first-hand the benefits both Workbench and Slack can bring to your organisation “ a CIO, I was blown away by the powerful insights and visibility Workbench has given us and the guidance as to where best to invest our time, resources, and energy into improving our employee experience,” says Neal Riley, CIO of Adaptavist.

Finding clarity in changing times

If you’d like to explore how organisational insights could help improve your employee experience, sign up for Temporall’s Organisational Intelligence: Getting ahead and staying ahead in the New Era on 14 October 2021. We will be joining in on the discussion to explore the critical role organisational intelligence plays in modern business.  

About Temporall

Founded in 2017, Temporall was born out of the simple desire to bring leaders clarity. In an era where companies need to transform and become more digital in order to simply survive, Temporall enables leaders with the right insights to have a real-time understanding of their business. Believing that all leaders should be able to make more informed and faster decisions, Temporall’s goal is to bring the power of organisational intelligence to everyone, to democratise what was previously only available to the largest of companies.