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ScriptRunner for Stash to take Git further into the Enterprise

ScriptRunner for Stash to take Git further into the Enterprise

ScriptRunner for Stash to take Git further into the Enterprise


PRESS RELEASE TUESDAY 9 JUNE 2015: Adaptavist, the leading global Atlassian Expert, has announced the launch of ScriptRunner for Stash adding valuable extensions and automations to Stash, Atlassian's Enterprise Git repository management system. ScriptRunner for Stash has been created to take Git further into the Enterprise by focusing on control, assurance and security.

ScriptRunner for Stash builds on the success of the near-ubiquitous ScriptRunner for JIRA which is used in over 11,000 JIRA instances worldwide. Created by Jamie Echlin in 2007, it allows users to customise JIRA with pre-written recipes or their own scripts.

Having joined Adaptavist in December 2014, Echlin led the development team that created the new product. Users of ScriptRunner for Stash can choose from a library of recipes that add control, automation and workflow features to their source code management. Alternatively, they can create their customisations by writing their own scripts.

As an implementation of the Git distributed version control system, Stash enables Enterprises to develop software at scale across a diverse user base. ScriptRunner for Stash allows Enterprise users to add the control and visibility they need to keep track of thousands of repositories and to define and enforce corporate policies within Stash.

ScriptRunner for JIRA has become the essential tool for JIRA admins and power users, said Adaptavist CEO, Simon Haighton-Williams. ScriptRunner for Stash is the essential tool for organisations that want to embrace Git in an Enterprise context.

ScriptRunner for Stash is already receiving positive reviews from users and the Atlassian community.

It's much more than just enabling scripts. It's a regular Swiss army knife of good features, said Dave Thomas of FIS Global.

Adaptavist regularly enhance the reach and scope of Atlassian products this time with a scripting interface that offers easy access to workflow automation and customization not seen in any other code management tool, said Eric Wittman, General Manager, Developer Tools at Atlassian.

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