June 18, 2019

Responsible Change Management Using Project Configurator for Jira 3.0

Dan Ivory 2 minute read

Project Configurator is the market leading app for migrating projects and making configuration changes in Jira.

We recently released a new major version of Project Configurator which makes the whole user experience easier than ever before. If you are yet to upgrade head over to the Atlassian Marketplace now.

One of Project Configurator’s key use cases is the ongoing promotion of configuration changes in Jira.

This process allows you to test any changes you want to make to Jira in a test and/or staging instance, before replicating these new changes in your production Jira environment.

Jira Admins use this change-management best practice to drastically reduce the chance of issues occurring in their production instance.

But, this manual process can be very time consuming and potentially error-prone. Luckily with Project Configurator, you can quickly and easily export these changes from your test/staging instance before importing them to your live production instance, removing the need to manually replicate the changes again.To see this more automated solution in action, please watch the step-by-step video demo below.

 As always, if you have any issues using Project Configurator, please reach out to the Project Configurator team via our Support Portal and we’ll help you out.

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To start implementing your own responsible configuration management process, or to automate an existing process, you can access a 30 day free trial of Project Configurator from the Atlassian Marketplace today.