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Migrate ScriptRunner from one Jira to another using Project Configurator

Migrate ScriptRunner from one Jira to another using Project Configurator

Migrate ScriptRunner from one Jira to another using Project Configurator

Jira migrations just got a whole lot easier. 

We’ve all been there. You’ve just bought the latest smartphone with all the new features and a super awesome camera, but now you need to transfer all of your old data over. A big hassle but, let’s face it, new tech is nothing without having all the gadgets and add-ons you’re used to using! When it comes to migrating configurations and third party Jira apps from instance to instance, even we weren’t quite there yet with streamlining that process. Until now.

To help you overcome this challenge we’ve been working on a solution, and now we are very excited to announce that ScriptRunner for Jira can be migrated from one Jira to another using Project Configurator for Jira

You can find more information about these two products here:

How to migrate ScriptRunner with Project Configurator?

 The days of manually migrating third-party apps, from one Jira to another, are coming to an end! Project Configurator now allows Jira Admins to easily export ScriptRunner objects from one instance before quickly importing them to a second Jira instance.

What can I migrate today? 

Project Configurator can now migrate the following ScriptRunner features:

  • Behaviours 
  • Custom Workflow Functions (including conditions, validators, and post functions) 
  • Canned scripts
  • Script Fields

With the other ScriptRunner features to be made compatible in the coming months, including: 

  • Script Listeners
  • REST Endpoints
  • Jobs (Escalation services)
  • All Script Fragments
  • Resources (local database connection)

NB: To see the other apps Project Configurator can already migrate check here

How do I migrate ScriptRunner objects?

If you are an existing Project Configurator user then the process is almost exactly the same as any other migration you’ve completed before. ScriptRunner objects will be added to the export/import process the same as native Jira objects. 

Here is an overview of the process. 
  1. First, we create a new ScriptRunner Behaviour and associate it with a Jira project.
  2. Using Project Configurator, we export that project and its data and/or configuration from the source Jira instance.
  3. Again using Project Configurator, we import the project to the target instance. 
    1. During the import process, we run a ‘Simulated import’ to test the new changes will migrate as expected before running the final import for real.

4. Now we have our new ScriptRunner Behaviour setup in the target Jira instance and can begin using it.


Have a look at this demo video to see a ScriptRunner Behaviour migrated using Project Configurator.


For a more detailed description please refer to this documentation.

@App Developers

If you are interested in making your app compatible with Project Configurator to allow your users to migrate your app’s data and configuration between Jira instances, please click here for more information about Project Configurator's Integration Toolkit.

Faster and more accurate ScriptRunner configuration management

Jira offers extensive customisation and flexibility, and when coupled with ScriptRunner, there is little a Jira Admin cannot do to their Jira instance. With great power comes great responsibility, which is why it’s always a good idea to test your configuration changes before making them live in your Jira instance.

Using Project Configurator for Jira it is now possible to make configuration changes to native Jira objects, and/or ScriptRunner objects, in a staging environment before quickly and easily migrating these changes across to your live production instance. Therefore giving you peace of mind that your new configuration will work as planned, and save you significant time and hassle. 

This is best practice, and will save you from potentially crashing Jira. After-all, the last thing anyone wants is unhappy users... 

Your users when Jira goes offline 


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To try ScriptRunner and Project Configurator today, head over to the Atlassian Marketplace to start your 30-day free trial.  


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Alternatively, if you’re interested in future updates as we roll out more ScriptRunner feature compatibility, click here to submit your contact information. 

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