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Jira Admins: Empower your teams to automate with AutoBlocks

Seb Sidbury
Wed, 5 Jun 2019 Automation
Jira Admins: Empower your teams to automate with AutoBlocks

Jira Admins: Empower your teams to automate with AutoBlocks

Jira out of the box is great, but we all know Jira only really starts to shine once you’ve customised it to support your team’s processes. As a Jira Admin, you’re used to configuring and automating Jira to meet your teams’ needs and ways of working.

In the beginning, that’s okay. But when your userbase starts to grow, your work can soon be taken over by never-ending change requests as every team wants something different to suit the way they work. Sometimes, you have just finished setting up a rule on a particular team’s issues when they ask you to remove it and set up a different one instead. We’ve all been there.

Wouldn’t it be great if your teams could be self-sufficient and manage their automations and customisations themselves? The problem is, most users aren’t technical enough, which is why they turn to you.

Enter AutoBlocks, the automation tool you never knew you needed

Customising Jira is too much to ask and too time-consuming for users without a technical background. AutoBlocks solves this fundamental problem. Thanks to its easy drag and drop interface, automating and customising Jira becomes simple and quick. Users can tailor Jira to their exact needs themselves, so you get your time back to focus on other tasks.


Delegating the power of automation to your users is easy with AutoBlocks. Create a group of users and give them AutoBlocks permissions, those users will see AutoBlocks in their Jira navigation. Your users can now create and edit their own automation workspaces.

Everybody wins

For you, gone are the days of making change after change to the same project to stay on top of your users’ needs. As for your users, they now have control over their issues to unlock the true power of Jira. No more requirements lost in translation. No more waiting for their ticket to reach the top of the queue.

A real world example

Your operations team have implemented a new policy requiring every Problem issue to trigger a Root Cause Analysis, using a new issue in Jira to track and document the source of the original Problem. They want to automate the creation of the Root Cause Analysis issue in Jira so it never gets missed. Without an automation, not only do they rely on a team member remembering to create the issue, they also have to manually set it up and link it to the original problem every time. 

With AutoBlocks, setting up this automation can be done in less than three minutes. Can’t believe it? Watch the video below to see the automation being created. Pre-AutoBlocks, the user would have to raise a ticket for their Jira Admin, which would remain in the backlog for days or weeks, before the admin has a chance to implement it. By then, requirements could have changed and Root Cause Analyses missed, costing not only time but also money.

With AutoBlocks, you too can make your business leaner and more efficient by delegating the power of automation to your teams. Why not try Autoblocks for yourself? 

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