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Introducing Project Configurator for Jira 3.0

Dan Ivory
25 April 2019 Jira
Introducing Project Configurator for Jira 3.0

Introducing Project Configurator for Jira 3.0

Project Configurator (3.0)’s improved import functionality and UI make Jira migrations easier than ever

Today we are delighted to announce a new version of Project Configurator (PC 3.0) that contains a significant range of technical and UI/UX improvements to help make your Jira project migrations and configuration changes easier than ever. 

Detailed project migration guide

For users interested in a performing a complete project migration using PC 3.0, then check out our detailed ‘How To Guide’. 


Read the guide


What has changed in PC 3.0?

New import UI and colour coded reports

Gone are the days of you having to strain your eyes through pages of code looking for what you want, now you can easily see what changes will be made during the migration.

This is the most visually obvious change we’ve made. Following feedback from our community, we have implemented a new colour coded format that is significantly easier to understand and more actionable than import reports from previous versions of PC. 

PC2 vs PC4

The import report’s colour coding corresponds to the ‘Tree Legend’ shown below, making it simple to identify import outcomes and changes at a glance.

PC 3.0 tree legend

Backend Functionality Improvements

In addition to these frontend changes, several significant functionality improvements have been implemented in the backend. Three of the key updates are:

More thorough import simulations

Import simulations have been revamped, allowing you to simulate your imports in far more detail prior to completing them for real. This will help you catch and resolve more import errors/issues to help ensure that your final import is a success, without encountering unexpected errors.

Skipping Import Errors

If you do experience any import errors, these will now no longer interrupt your import. This removes the need to resolve each error before re-running the import, facilitating significantly faster migrations than before. You will however, be notified of any errors so you are able to resolve them at a later date if required.

PC 3.0 error screen 2

Select/deselect import objects

When removing an object from the import, rather than repeating the export phase of a migration, you are now able to deselect import objects directly from within the import user interface. This also speeds up migrations / config changes, and reduces the chance of migration errors.


Get PC 3.0 now

We hope that with the downloadable project migration guide PDF, and these new PC 3.0 features, you’ll be well on your way to saving yourself significant time and stress when migrating projects and making ongoing configuration changes.

To get started with your own migrations and configuration changes download the latest version of Project Configurator for Jira via the Atlassian Marketplace today.

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