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Introducing AutoBlocks: simplify Atlassian integration, automation and migrations 

AutoBlocks Announcement Featured Blog Post

Finally, an all-in-one integration tool for Atlassian!

We’re proud to announce the public release of AutoBlocks, one of the most significant technology advances in the quest to help Atlassian customers maximise the potential of their Atlassian investment.

In the real world, the most difficult business and IT challenges are not constrained to a single system. They span across multiple nodes in your IT landscape. To solve them, tight integration between your different apps and the flexibility to deploy varied cross-app solutions quickly are essential.

AutoBlocks is the single solution that unlocks all of your Atlassian integration challenges. Unlike Atlassian add-ons, it’s hosted independently of your Atlassian products, but designed to make integrating them with each other and third-party apps as simple as possible. 

Think ScriptRunner – but for your entire systems landscape.

Some integration tools are superficial, aiming to empower business users to create basic, skin-deep automations. Others focus on very specific integration scenarios, meaning you need a new tool for each new integration challenge and further increasing the complexity of your environment. The open-ended nature of AutoBlocks combined with the power of TypeScript/JavaScript means that, like ScriptRunner, the possibilities are truly endless. No other integration apps are required.

If there’s an open API to connect to, you can build it with AutoBlocks. As a result, the breadth of applications is truly comprehensive: from Atlassian migration tasks such as instance synchronisation and migration validation, through to DevOps strategies such as cross-tool Andon Cords and Blue/Green Deployments.

So, why now?

Accelerated by the pandemic, companies are shifting from traditional, inflexible on-premise systems to smaller applications and microservices in the cloud. In fact:

"“The average enterprise now has around 300 different SaaS applications, up 30% since 2020”"
Atlassian Investor Day 2020

This exodus to the cloud is leading to fragmented, hybrid hosting IT landscapes of increasing complexity. Atlassian ’s sunsetting of their Server products and push for cloud is only expediting this. These hybrid landscapes require strong integration and automation tools to unite disparate systems into a seamlessly coordinated unit.

This is why we decided to broaden the scope from our original, now-defunct product “AutoBlocks for Jira” to “AutoBlocks for all your apps”, or just “AutoBlocks”. Why limit AutoBlocks to a single Atlassian tool like Jira?

We shifted our focus to creating what Atlassian and IT admins so desperately needed: the go-to tool for integrating and automating hybrid systems landscapes with Atlassian at their heart. 

Ready to integrate your Atlassian tools?

If your organisation is facing cross-instance and cross-hosting Atlassian integration challenges, it’s time to look into AutoBlocks. We’d be delighted to talk about your challenges and give you a live demo, so please feel free to drop us a note. If you’d rather start exploring AutoBlocks right away, you can sign up for our free tier right now. It’s free forever, so you can start exploring and building solutions. Which integrations will you build?

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