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Introducing Adaptavist Learn

3 May 2017 Learn
Introducing Adaptavist Learn

Introducing Adaptavist Learn

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Adaptavist Learn is online, on-demand learning for Atlassian software and Adaptavist Add-Ons. It's about knowledge, community and getting more from your investment in Atlassian software. We're launching it in Beta so that a select group of our contacts can try it out.

At launch, we have two courses available:

How Adaptavist Learn is different

Adaptavist Learn beta differs from other online learning resources in a few key ways. When you purchase a course, your membership lasts for a full year. Every month, we’ll be adding new content and members will receive a newsletter with links directly to the new course material.

Our videos and documentation will be kept updated and when new software features launch - or we identify additional topics that people want to be covered - we’ll add more videos and documentation at no additional cost. On top of all this, members can submit their questions and one of Adaptavist’s award-winning subject matter experts will respond.

The beta period will last until Atlassian Summit in San Jose in September 2017. Over the next four months we’ll be adding more courses, community features and a variety of other improvements to the site.

Special launch offer - 20% discount

These two courses will normally be $500 per person per course. As a special beta offer, you can get a 20% discount. Until Summit in San Jose, Adaptavist Learn beta will cost just $400 per person per course. That's high-quality course materials plus 12 months of updates.

If your company is interested in Enterprise licensing, contact us to discuss your needs.