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How does Portfolio for JIRA help IT management?

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 ITSM
How does Portfolio for JIRA help IT management?

How does Portfolio for JIRA help IT management?

Dev teams tend to like Agile it gives them freedom to do what's necessary to meet a set of requirements that are better-understood, more distinct and grouped into more manageable chunks. However, the larger the team or the larger the organisation, the greater the need for a means of getting an oversight of progress.

Stakeholders who aren't as involved in the day-to-day detail as the Scrum Master need to know who's working on what. Those responsible for the overall output of IT, need to have a view of the inter-dependencies between teams and the likely delivery dates. The challenge is how to get this visibility without adding overhead to the teams or compromising their autonomy.

Track progress towards business goals

This is where Agile portfolio management tools can add a layer of light-touch oversight. Without knowing what your people are working on, it's impossible to verify that your investing time and resources making progress towards the correct goals. Portfolio for JIRA lets you set business goals, track progress towards them and give everyone on the team the same visibility so that priorities are understood and shared.

Get visibility of delivery dates and dependencies

As an IT manager or director, you'll be used to being asked when a feature, upgrade or system can be delivered. In a waterfall world, you would have great certainty about what the plan said of course, that didn't necessarily mean reality would follow suit.

With Agile an overall deliverable is broken up in many more mini-projects (or sprints) but you still need to know when they're going deliver and whether they're on-track. Portfolio for JIRA gives you a view of the sprints and their forecasted release dates so you can see the inter-dependencies and bottlenecks and manage the bigger picture.

Without increasing the overhead on your teams

If your programme managers, scrum masters or team members are spending time creating spreadsheets or Gantt charts, they aren't spending time working towards the releases. In an Agile context it makes no sense to spend time updating a static picture of where everything is. Portfolio for JIRA is connected directly to how your teams work, the backlog and their progress, removing the pain of preparing reports.

These challenges increase exponentially as the number of teams in an organisation increases. Getting an integrated set of tools for managing the team and process in place is key to effective Agile development. Contact Adaptavist if you want to understand more about Portfolio for JIRA and how we help the world's most complex organisations maximise the value of their software.

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