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How AutoBlocks gives control back to Jira Users

Seb Sidbury
Thu, 16 May 2019 Automation
How AutoBlocks gives control back to Jira Users

How AutoBlocks gives control back to Jira Users

As a regular Jira user, you know your own projects inside out.

You probably know all the best Jira shortcut keys too. But you also know that whenever the time comes to implement a more advanced change to your Jira environment, things can get a little bumpy.

Before you can create an automation in Jira, you have to raise a request with the IT service desk, which then gets routed to your Jira Admin. The ticket will then stay in the queue until your Jira Admin gets to it. And despite your best efforts, your requirements may get lost in translation. Or what happens if your requirements change and you need to modify your request?  The likely result is your ticket will plummet to the bottom of a long queue, and before you know it you will be in the depths of despair.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could have more control over your own Jira and make changes on your terms? But surely that requires in-depth technical scripting knowledge which you don't have (and probably never will). Game-over? Not quite...

Take control of Jira with AutoBlocks.

Adaptavist AutoBlocks is a new automation tool for Jira aimed at making automation available to all. It empowers Jira users to create their own automations and customisations, thanks to its intuitive drag and drop interface. Now that building automation is easy, you can take full ownership over your processes and tailor your projects to your way of working – all by yourself.

Zero code. Infinite possibilities.

AutoBlocks presents you with a series of different ‘blocks’ which represent different items and processes in Jira. For example, Trigger blocks start an automation, Logic blocks check conditions and Issue blocks create and update issues. You can join these blocks together like a jigsaw puzzle to create powerful automations, all without writing any code and without any technical knowledge.

AutoBlocks Jira automation

If it sounds too good to be true, watch the following video to see AutoBlocks in action. In this example, a user creates an automation to set up the sub-tasks required for a new starter process.

Once the automation is in place, the required sub-tasks are created automatically, saving you from having to create them all manually every time a new starter joins. But the best part is that as you have full control, there’s no need to wait on the Jira admin and if any new sub-tasks are required, you can add them to the automation yourself.

AutoBlocks brings the power of automation to all Jira users. If you want to take control of your Jira projects and create your own automations and customisations, ask your Jira Admin for AutoBlocks today!

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