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Customise, automate, and streamline Jira Service Management

Andra Dinu
8 November 17 Jira
Customise, automate, and streamline Jira Service Desk

Customise, automate, and streamline Jira Service Management

ScriptRunner for Jira now has even deeper integration into Jira Service Management (JSM), formerly known as Jira Service Desk. Your support and operations teams can speed up time-to-resolution and ensure optimal uptime by automating manual tasks.

With ScriptRunner for Jira installed alongside Jira Service Management, you will be able to:

  • Simplify creating new Service teams by cloning projects with Organisations and Customers, Queues, Request Types, and SLAs
  • Gain complete control over the how and when you send email responses to customers, and their organisations
  • Clone, move, and link issues automatically between Service Desks while keeping Organisations, Request Types, etc. intact
  • Keep your SLA configurations updated in bulk with simple automated actions

To get a better sense of the breadth of what ScriptRunner for Jira Service Management can do, let’s take a look at these three highlighted features; Copy Project, Copy Issues and Links, and Send Custom Email.

Standardise with Copy Project

One of the most popular built-in scripts of the ScriptRunner family, Copy Project, enables administrators to create new projects based from other project templates by duplicating configurations such as Schemes, Role Memberships, and Custom Field configurations. With the recent updates to ScriptRunner for Jira, "Copy Project" now allows administrators to clone Jira Service Management specific configurations, such as Organisations and Customers, Queues, Request Types, and SLAs.

Imagine you want a new support portal for specific feature requests and you want to route them to a department other the support team. Rather than having to manually implement the configuration, you can simply copy the configuration of a main template. This will save you time and help to maintain standardisation across all Service Management portals.

Customise and automate email support responses

"Send custom email" empowers administrators to brand, personalise, and automate response emails to customers and organisations, which improves the support experience and allows for personalised branding.

Additionally, you can customise who receives the email response and in what order. Let's say you want an email to be sent when a critical support request gets resolved to the reporter AND the requested participants, maybe even the departments that are following the issue. Now you can use the built-in "Send custom email" script to do this in seconds.

In the latest version, Request Participants, Organisations and Approvers are among the available To and CC fields.

send custom emails 700x568

Automate smooth transitions with Clone Issues and Links

When your support team is flooded with a major crises, such as your website going down, it can be really time-consuming to resolve and respond to the hundreds and hundreds of tickets generated. With Clone Issues and Links, you can create cloned issues from a template and link them to the original, during a transition or an event.

With the latest version of ScriptRunner, Request Type, Approvers, and Organisations are among the available fields you can pass on to the newly cloned issue, making sure the relevant information passes on to the new team.

clone issues 700x405

Jira Service Management delivers an integrated solution between engineering, operations, IT, and customer support within the Jira ecosystem. The simple but powerful workflow enhancements bring the efficiency and visibility. Whether you are creating your Jira Service Management workflow to align with ITIL/ITSM concepts and practices, or trying to create resolutions faster, ScriptRunner for Jira helps you streamline JSD.

Check out ScriptRunner for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace and start a free trial.

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