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Creating forms in Confluence

Mon, 28 Sep 2015 Confluence
Creating forms in Confluence

Creating forms in Confluence

Forms are an integral part to many processes and workflows, helping to collect and manage information from users to fit almost any purpose. The humble form has helped organisations for many years. Forms for Confluence brings the best elements of forms and Confluence together to help change the way your teams work.

Creating forms made easy

Creating a form is simple with the Form macros in the add-on and there's no programming knowledge required. Simply add a macro for each field of your form and it's easy to create both simple and complex forms. Each field is represented graphically in the Confluence editor, so you can see what your form will look like without having to save the page. This makes creating and changing your form easy. Users have complete control over the layout and behaviour of fields, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect form to meet your needs.

Flexible form submission management

The same approach to power and flexibility is applied to the management of form responses. With a built in database you can choose to save, view and export responses to a form directly from Confluence, or you can send a form submission out to email addresses to put the data instantly in the hands of your users. You can even do both!


Powerful administrative controls

The robust administrative controls of Forms for Confluence gives you an overview of how and where your using forms. This means that you can easily track where forms are adding functionality to your Confluence pages. Forms for Confluence is Confluence Data Center compatible and ready to scale for even the largest instances.

Moving to Forms for Confluence

For most existing users of Form Mail for Confluence moving to Forms for Confluence should be straightforward. Download and install the latest Forms for Confluence 5.0 that will automatically upgrade your existing Forms to use the new and updated macros.

If you’ve been using Form Mail NG, please follow our Upgrade Steps to move to Form Mail for Confluence first, and then upgrade to Forms For Confluence after. If you experience any complications or require support, please Contact Our Team and we’ll be happy to help.

Start using Forms for Confluence today

Forms for Confluence is purchased via the Atlassian Marketplace, download and start your evaluation today. Create forms in Confluence and evolve how you collect information from your users.

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