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Automating JIRA admin tasks with ScriptRunner Escalation Services

20 January 16 Jira
Automating JIRA admin tasks with ScriptRunner Escalation Services

Automating Jira admin tasks with ScriptRunner Escalation Services

ScriptRunner lets you automate and extend JIRA. Improve your JIRA management by automating JIRA admin tasks with ScriptRunner Escalation Services. If you're not already using them, start today with these examples.

Your JIRA guardian

ScriptRunner's Escalation Services are powerful, automated scripts that act like your JIRA guardian. Set them up and they monitor your JIRA instance, automatically taking specific actions as required, based on the conditions and parameters you set.

Proactive monitoring

It means that you have proactive monitoring of JIRA. Need to enforce the completion of issues by a specific date? Use an Escalation Service to align specific issues or issue types with SLAs based, flagging inaction to you or other JIRA user(s).

JIRA housekeeping

Why not implement an Escalation Service to clean up your JIRA issues? It's easy to set one up to automatically change the status on an issue after a specified period of time.

With ScriptRunner it's easy to set up a new Escalation Service. Write your own with ScriptRunner and JQL or use the pre-written ones these.

Start automating JIRA admin tasks

Escalate unassigned issues

This ScriptRunner Escalation Service ensures that tickets aren't left unassigned. Create a new service and set your own escalation period (an hour, a day, a week etc).

Close old support tickets

Automatically clean up JIRA issues that are resolved with no further responses for a specified time period to keep your JIRA clean and tidy. Follow the step-by-step instructions and start cleaning up unnecessarily open tickets today.

Automate approval after an elapsed time

Sometimes people simply don't respond to requests for approval. If it's non-sensitive request you could use an Escalation Service to auto-approve request tickets after an elapsed time.

To start a free trial of ScriptRunner, get it from the Atlassian Marketplace.