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AutoBlocks launches out of beta with new features

Seb Sidbury
Thu, 13 Jun 2019 Automation
AutoBlocks launches out of beta with new features

AutoBlocks launches out of beta with new features

It’s been a long time coming, but now the wait is over. Adaptavist’s AutoBlocks, the app with the mission of bringing Jira automation to all users, has landed. And not just for Server - AutoBlocks is now fully compatible with Data Center too. Over the Beta period, our team has been working hard to implement the feedback from our early users. To mark the launch of the full release out of Beta, we’ve added some brand-new features to make automating Jira even easier.

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Review Process

AutoBlocks is the app that democratises Jira automation. Its code-free, intuitive drag and drop interface makes it easy for both technical and non-technical Jira users (with access to AutoBlocks) to build powerful automations. However, with great power comes great responsibility, which is why you asked us for a way to let AutoBlocks admins check over users’ automations before they are deployed. We listened, and we built the Review Process.

Rather than deploying their automations directly to Jira, AutoBlocks users can now Propose their Blocks to an AutoBlocks admin for review. AutoBlocks admins can then make sure the users’ Blocks are suitable, then either Approve or Reject. For example, the AutoBlocks admin may want to make sure a user remembered to add a condition Block to check their automation will only act on issues within the users’ project, rather than throughout the entire Jira instance – an easy omission to make! In this case, the AutoBlocks admin can add the missing condition before Approving the Block.

AutoBlocks Review Process

Workspace Timeline

To make the Review Process more transparent to users, we also added the Workspace Timeline. Every time you Propose a workspace to the AutoBlocks admin and the admin Approves or Rejects, an icon representing this event is added to the Timeline at the bottom of the Automation Workspace. In the same way, every time you save, a copy of the Workspace is made and shown in the Timeline. You can revert to a previously saved version of the Automation Timeline at any time.


Export Workspace

In some cases, you might want to transfer an AutoBlocks automation from one Jira instance to another. For example, you may use a Staging instance before deploying to Production or you may have multiple Jira instances within your organisation and want to copy a complex Block. We’ve got you covered. We added an Export feature to the Automation Workspace, which lets you easily move Blocks between instances. You can even use the feature to send our friendly support team the Block that you are working on if you need help troubleshooting any issues, so that they can see the exact Block as you.

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The launch is just the start of the journey, so watch this space as we’ve got plenty more exciting features coming to AutoBlocks over the coming months.

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