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6 + 1 reasons you should choose Learn for Jira now

6 + 1 reasons you should choose Learn for Jira now

6 + 1 reasons you should choose Learn for Jira now

Can only a few of your team members raise a ticket on Jira? Is it painful onboarding your new employees and getting them up to speed on how to use your Jira instance? Do you feel like despairing when you see a colleague randomly clicking buttons as they try to change the status of an issue?

Well, here's the thing, it doesn't have to be that way. Meet Learn for Jira, the best way to get your people using Jira the way they should be. 

Learn Jira in Jira! 

Learn for Jira is a native Jira Server and Data Center app that will meet any Jira training needs within your organisation. With a course catalogue that caters to any training level, you can find the most up-to-date training videos, right where they should have been all along – inside Jira.  

Do you have new Jira users to onboard? The "Jira for Beginners" course will help your users not only understand what happens when they click a button, but also when and why they should click it, who they should talk with, and what needs to be considered as part of a configuration decision.

Do you need to upskill your existing teams? With Learn for Jira you can create a specific learning path for them that might include the "Jira for Power Users ", "Jira Software for Scrum" or "Jira Software for Kanban" courses.

A bit of history

We believe that Atlassian tools help make people’s work easier, but you have to know how to use the tools properly. Figuring out how to use the tools can soon become your job instead of helping you do your job. Jira without training is an incomplete solution. However getting everyone trained can often be a scheduling and financial nightmare.

Learn for Jira provides on-demand training at a price that works equally well for small teams and multinational organisations. Our priority is to help people work better together, so we have taken an agile and cost-effective approach both to developing this training and building this app to meet the needs of any organisation.

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Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, we’re not done yet. Here are seven reasons why you should evaluate – and eventually buy – Learn for Jira now:

1. Training from the best in the business

Being here and reading this blog post means you already know and trust Adaptavist. If not, you should know that Adaptavist is not only an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner but also an Atlassian Authorised Training Partner. Our course creators and trainers have decades of experience within the Atlassian Ecosystem and have helped some of the most complex organisations to train their employees. 

2. The courses are engaging and always up to date 

Unlike other course options on the market, Learn for Jira courses are always up-to-date and continually refreshed. Our training videos are easy to digest and crafted to hold your user’s attention.  You'll find animations, demonstrations, and best practices learned and developed from our work with over half of the Fortune 500. 

And while we know that eLearning has an average completion rate of 13% globally, Learn for Jira courses average a 64% completion rate! What can we say? People enjoy our content and find it to be both engaging and valuable.

"The [Adaptavist] team really understands Jira and Atlassian. They managed to deliver an incredibly engaging course which our team benefited greatly from..."
Daisy Joan, Head of Training 

3. It’s easy to use at any level - literally any level

Users only need to type what they are looking for into the search bar and Learn for Jira's powerful search instantly shows you the information you need. Users have access to all courses across Atlassian and Adaptavist products, while the learning content works on any format and device in both video and text. 

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4. In reports we trust 

We know that reporting and monitoring your team’s training progress is essential. With our Teams Reports feature you can create teams using Jira groups, designate team leads, and view people’s progress or export progress data to CSV.

team reporting

Users can also view their training progress and download certificates of completion! 


5. We're ambitious, just like our roadmap!  

The future looks bright. We have an ambitious roadmap including granular permissions management, the ability to edit courses and create custom learning paths, and you’ll also be able to add your own custom content to Learn for Jira.

And if you’re looking for something we don’t have, whether that’s a feature or comment, you can send that directly to Adaptavist through our customer support portal.

6. Real-world value for your money

Learn for Jira provides training for enterprises at a fraction of the cost you would normally have to invest, especially if you compare to instructor-led training (ILT) or live training. Plus, it lets people get the right training for their experience level while also providing an ongoing reference tool. You will reduce your onboarding costs and the time invested in training new employees.

6 + 1. Jira is just the beginning 

With Learn for Jira, your team can master not only Jira but other Atlassian platforms & products. The collection now includes Confluence, Portfolio for Jira, ALM Works Structure, and Trello, with more training coming soon for all your beloved products! 

Jira is here to help your teams work better together, but only if people know how to use it properly. Learn for Jira puts Adaptavist's expertise at your fingertips to get the help you need when you need it, and upskill your way to Jira success!

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