As Atlassian Enterprise Experts, we provide solutions to help enterprises successfully integrate and collaborate using Atlassian Confluence.

The Wiki team collaboration tool.

Help your team connect to content and colleagues to help get the job done faster. Email less and have fewer meetings.

Atlassian Confluence is an Enterprise Wiki. It connects your entire business in a single, centralised place, where everyone can create and share content, discuss documents, submit ideas and manage projects.

  • A fast, smart rich-content editor

    Meaning anyone can create rich pages and blogs quickly with Autocomplete and Autoformatting.
  • Easy file sharing

    Forget email, just drag files from your desktop into pages and blogs. Easily share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, media and more.
  • Quick search

    Get to the content you need fast — just start typing and Confluence suggests pages, blogs, files and people.
  • Kickstart your Wiki with hundreds of Add-ons

    With over 400 add-ons, installable in a single-click, it's easy to customise Confluence to your needs.