Enterprise Git Repository Management

Atlassian Bitbucket Server makes Git repository management an Enterprise-grade tool

Bitbucket Server gives Enterprise dev teams the raw power of Git with the control and management features large teams need. It's a behind-the-firewall solution that's secure, fast and, of course, integrates with Jira.

Bitbucket continues to support your needs even as your Git repositories scale and is available as a Data Center deployment. As your team and workload scales, you can add new nodes for additional builds without the need for downtime so your teams stay productive.

Key features

  • Streamlined user management

    Bitbucket Server's internal directory enables your admins to manage users and groups using Jira or your LDAP.

  • Code traceability

    Integrates seamlessly with Jira to offer granular, end-to-end issue tracking for your source code.

  • Integrate code reviews into your dev process

    Enable your teams to integrate code reviews via pull requests. The can review code, comment and make changes before any code is merged.

  • Built for the Enterprise

    Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) has been designed to give Enterprise users the control they need with high performance and reliability.