Adaptavist Learn

Transforming business by empowering people

Adaptavist Learn is an online platform for enterprises to onboard and train new users for Atlassian solutions.

You’ve invested in Atlassian and Adaptavist tools, but training and onboarding at scale costs time, money, and resources. Adaptavist Learn provides a scalable, cost-effective online training to onboard every team member.

Grow your business with Adaptavist Learn:

  • Onboard at scale: Getting a large team to change the way they interact with technology tools is a massive undertaking. Learn allows team members to onboard and upskill at their own pace.
  • Teach best practices and stay compliant: Consistent training allows companies to encourage best development and business practices. Use Learn to teach those best practices and enforce compliance.
  • Accelerate innovation: Adaptavist Learn accelerates your innovation capabilities by building your team's expertise and reducing leadership's time spent doing 1:1 training.
  • Reduce on-boarding costs: Reduce the hours typically spent on-boarding new employees, enabling your team to focus on solving problems.

What makes learning with us different?

Training from the best in the business: Learn is brought to you by an Atlassian Authorised Training Partner that delivers certified Atlassian University courses. Atlassian trusts us with their training and so should you.

Always up-to-date: Unlike other course options, Learn courses are always up-to-date and include the latest Atlassian features, UX adjustments and design changes. We are continually improving existing courses and adding new ones.

Cost-effective quality: Adaptavist Learn delivers better value for your money than any other on-demand Atlassian training platform and is more scalable than live training sessions.

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