Complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM)

Helping enterprises design, deliver, and support their applications more effectively and profitably

The benefits of CALM

Helping enterprises design, deliver and support their applications more profitably and effectively.

Improve predictability, reduce risk and time-to-market

Adaptavist CALM helps you develop benchmarks and a roadmap to improve and align the business with IT. It provides the intelligence you need to make informed decisions about which initiatives to back and when they will start delivering returns. CALM shines a light on your development engine and aligns the interfaces between processes in your application lifecycle.

Support innovation and competitive advantage

Bring governance to your application lifecycle and create a language and process that the whole organisation can understand. Whether you want to create value through exit, M&A, scalability or innovation, Adaptavist CALM frees people and removes obstacles to help get the right applications to market. Visibility of your application lifecycle gives your organisation options whatever the endgame may be.

Increase efficiency and productivity

By reducing or removing the friction and bottlenecks in different elements of your lifecycle, we can optimise your whole process not just create problems by having one component working at full speed but creating issues elsewhere. We align processes to increase overall flow rate so that each component works within a process — the right speed in the right place.

Acquire and retain the best talent

In an increasingly talent-led marketplace there is intense competition for talent. If your competitive advantage is largely reliant on the ideas you have and get to market, you need to have the best talent available. The best talent doesn't like friction and wasted effort so you will be rewarded if you create an environment that removes the friction that prevents them realising their best ideas to market ASAP. Give your teams the freedom to innovate.