Complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM)

Helping enterprises design, deliver, and support their applications more effectively and profitably

Adaptavist CALM — the business of software and applications

Complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) is how we help organisations take a holistic view of the process of creating, delivering and managing their software and applications. Many organisations fail to compete because they find that their information technology and their business requirements aren't working as part of the same process.

Make the process work as a whole

Our experience tells us that it's essential to look at the lifecycle as a whole and understand all the processes that contribute to the design, delivery and support of software and applications. Merely fixing individual parts in isolation often leads to problems in other parts of the process and no overall improvement as increased throughput in one part of the process simply increases the pressure on a bottleneck, leading to no overall improvement or even a reduction in performance.

Taking a holistic view means that a roadmap can be created, showing of what needs to be fixed, how and when. More importantly, the inter-dependencies between fixing, removing and adding elements of the process can be understood and put into action. It would be unrealistic not to recognise the importance of the interaction between teams, tools and platforms as well as the tools and platforms themselves.

Measure the real cost and value of the application portfolio

Adaptavist CALM provides the best and most cost-effective way of delivering and supporting applications. It's a methodology and framework for managing your application portfolio, viewing the total cost of ownership — including the long-term cost of deployment and ongoing support — and measuring this against the value they are forecast to deliver.