Complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM)

Helping enterprises design, deliver, and support their applications more effectively and profitably

In today's competitive environment, every company's survival depends on managing information and software assets as well as their competitors. Being successful means doing it better.

A framework to help organisations realise the full value of their applications

Whether you're a mobile technology company, one of the UK's leading retailers or a global name in pharmaceuticals, information and the software that manages and delivers that information are crucial. They are central not only to operations but to the vast majority of products, how you get them to market and how they deliver return on investment.

Deliver visibility, predictability and innovation with Adaptavist CALM

If that sounds like your organisation, then you're probably looking for ways to increase visibility of the application lifecycle so that you can deliver software to staff, customers and partners in the most efficient way possible. In our experience most organisations want more control, visibility and predictability as well as the ability to refine their process and innovate. We believe that, to do this, you need to manage and streamline the whole process from end-to-end, taking a holistic view that succeeds in aligning the business objectives and technical drivers. This approach allows you to innovate whilst controlling costs, and the increased visibility allows you to more effectively manage risks.