Umbrella SSO seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and enables Atlassian applications to participate fully in Enterprise environments. If you want to discuss your specific requirements for Atlassian single sign-on, contact us.

Umbrella SSO benefits


User benefits of Umbrella SSO

In a single sign-on environment a user will only have one username and one password to remember. Accessing multiple Atlassian applications is simpler and quicker – once they’re logged onto their machine they won’t have to re-log-in each individual application.


Organisational benefits

Umbrella SSO increases your teams’ efficiency. It also reduces the number of user access issues that your Helpdesk has to deal with which could be as much as 40% of their time.

Umbrella SSO is the only way for organisations to apply their corporate authentication policies to the complete behind-the-firewall Atlassian suite. This means that user management of Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket etc becomes compliant with the rest of the organisation. Reducing the need for additional passwords and logins also helps to reduce the opportunity for user credentials to be compromised, which lessens phishing success.

Power and flexibility built-in

Umbrella SSO is the result of our experience of both working with Atlassian tools and real-world customer situations:

  • Providing single sign-on for all behind-the-firewall Atlassian applications
  • Enabling a true single sign-on, users need only log-on to their desktop
  • Integrating with your existing infrastructure and works with multiple authentication protocols, such as SAML 2.0 or Kerberos
  • Working under multiple DNS domains
  • Extensibility beyond Atlassian applications

For more information, check out our Umbrella SSO FAQs.