Test Management for Jira Test Management for Jira

Create project reports with actionable test metrics

Our new reporting capability is now available in both Jira and Confluence enabling you to:



Track - build and customise dashboards to track coverage, quality and progress


View - have complete visibility of your entire testing lifecycle in one place


Analyse - manage and analyse real-time insights and metrics from your test reports


Share - provide progress and status reports to multiple teams and stakeholders


Need more detailed reports? add eazyBI to dive further into your Jira issues


Easily add gadgets depending on how you want to see test data

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Progress reports can easily be customised to show status of overall software quality and test execution 

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Quickly identify defects and issues  in real time


 informed decisions

Customise your Testing data in real-time.

Stay on track with real-time insights to quickly view the status of testing progress with up to 70 out of the box reports.Test Management for Jira reporting offers real-time visibility across multiple projects and teams. 

Customise and build dashboards inside Jira to quickly identify patterns and locate issues within test executions. Teams can use one common reporting dashboard for scaled testing making it easier to make informed decisions that help you release first-class software on schedule.

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Live out of the box reporting

Create insightful reports to track coverage, progress and quality and share these reports with your colleagues for improved collaboration. Take advantage of up to 60 macros designed specifically for Quality Assurance professionals to slice and dice data to meet their needs.