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The Survey Plugin adds the ability to create and manage surveys from within Confluence itself, with no extra software required.

This is useful to ensure content is found when searching on alternative spellings for words, common synonyms, acronyms and phrases.

Features & Benefits

The Synonym plugin allows you to ensure that content can still be found even if end-users don’t label it consistently – you define one or more desired labels, or synonyms, and map them to labels that are being used. The synonyms are then added in the search-index to content with the corresponding user-generated labels.

For example, you can:

  • Group together words such as programmer, coder, software engineer, developer, scripter etc. so that any one of those terms can be searched for producing similar results.
  • Make your content typo friendly – so you could associate Adaptavist with ‘Adaptivist’ and ‘Adaptvist’ to catch common misspellings.
  • Substitute acronyms so that it doesn’t matter whether you search for HTML or Markup.