SmartDraw for Jira SmartDraw for Jira

Visualise complex relationships and save your diagrams into your Jira tickets for seamless collaboration

Intelligent, automated drawing, redrawing and formatting

Easier to use than Visio,, LucidChart and Gliffy, SmartDraw is powerful enough for complex planning yet accessible to everyone on the team. Its automated drawing features mean that objects automatically re-align as you move them around the diagram (including the attached lines).

More high-quality templates and objects than any other Atlassian App

Jira users can create diagrams using any of the 4,500 pre-existing templates and choose from 34,000 high-quality symbols. They can also import diagrams created with Visio, or insert them from a variety of image formats. SmartDraw includes powerful flowcharts, network diagrams, wireframes, software roadmaps and UML diagrams.

Import and export to a wide range of formats

Work exclusively in Jira or share your diagrams with users of Visio, Gliffy, Microsoft Office or Project. You can export to Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and Visio. SmartDraw is also fully integrated with cloud services including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Professional charts, plans, and diagrams – quickly and easily

Which looks better? 

This Issue Navigator view in Jira:


Or this diagram of the same data:



Use the simple but powerful commands and SmartDraw builds your chart for you, automatically. When you add or remove a box, SmartDraw automatically rearranges all the elements so that everything looks great. Try Adaptavist SmartDraw for Jira Server today.

Integrate with ScriptRunner

Get insights into your team’s productivity and roadmap by automatically generating diagrams using data from your Atlassian instances. SmartDraw Object Notation (SDON) is a simple JSON like definition that enables you to combine the power of ScriptRunner and SmartDraw to quickly create diagrams that visualize complex relationships between epics, stories, and tasks. This makes it easier to see how all the issues fit together and where the focus is needed to resolve any problems.

SmartDraw for Jira Server includes SDON, a flexible API which can receive a wide range of data for building data driven diagrams. At a high level, a script executes a JQL query against your Jira instance. It returns the results, builds SmartDraw Object Notation (SDON) using the data and identifies any hierarchy (in this case epics, stories and tasks of a Jira Project) and creates an SDON file. The SDON file can then be sent to a Confluence page and when you update the SmartDraw macro, you can reference the SDON file and generate a hierarchical Jira issue chart.

Learn how to use SDON

Over 20 years of product development

SmartDraw has been helping people expand the ways in which they communicate since 1994. Used by more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500 and by over 250,000 public and private enterprises around the world, SmartDraw lets people create impactful, effective business visuals quickly and easily.

Enterprise Ready

We sweat the details that matter to enterprises. From tier-1 ISP, global CDN and SOC2 to world-class support. The SmartDraw app stores user data local in your Jira or Jira instance, never touching SmartDraw's servers.

Ongoing development and support

SmartDraw is being constantly improved with new features, templates, objects, and integrations. Here are some of the updates in the latest version.

  • Over 700 new templates for infographics and presentations
  • Re-vamped wireframes
  • Migrate Gliffy diagrams to SmartDraw in 3 easy steps
  • Visio export in addition to industry-leading Visio import
  • Improved network design content with detailed connection points
  • Lot of other Cloud improvements including ungrouping of complex symbols and Asian character support