Scriptrunner icon white6 Page Info for ScriptRunner for Confluence

Page Info allows you to display detailed information about pages and blog posts in Confluence.

Features and benefits

By combining macros together, you can show things like who created the page and when or the current version number and date it was last modified. This is particularly useful when working with custom themes, like ThemeBuilder, or formal documentation.

With Page Info, you can display:

  • Author(s) – Display the name of the page author and/or editors
  • Commenters – List everyone who has commented on a page
  • Participants – List everyone who’s been involved with a page
  • Dates – Display dates of creation, last edit etc.
  • Versions – Current version, all versions, revision tables
  • Diffs – Display links to the changes between versions
  • Title & ID – Display the page title and content ID
  • Tiny URL – Display the hyperlinked TinyURL for a page
  • Labels – Show a list of all labels associated with a page

Powered by ScriptRunner for Confluence

Page Info works when you have ScriptRunner for Confluence installed in your Confluence instance. Not only does it give you access to Page Info’s functionality but you can extend, integrate and enhance it with the power of ScriptRunner.