Scriptrunner icon white6 Page Info for ScriptRunner for Confluence

Page Info macro allows you to display detailed information about pages in Confluence.

Features and benefits

IMPORTANT: Page Info is now fully integrated with ScriptRunner for Confluence as a macro. You no longer have to download it separately in order to use it. 

Page Info macro in ScriptRunner for Confluence allows teams to add important contextual information to pages. You can create your own information points and conditional information, like displaying all children if the page you are on.

With Page Info, teams can display the following types of data:

  • The name of the page author and/or editors
  • Everyone who has commented on a page
  • Display dates of creation, last edit etc.
  • Current version and all versions
  • Display links to the changes between versions
  • Display the page title and content ID
  • Display the hyperlinked TinyURL for a page
  • Show a list of all labels associated with a page.