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Why Jira admins love Learn for Jira

Training from the experts

Learn with Atlassian certified course creators and trainers with decades of experience within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Always up to date

Unlike other course options on the market, Learn for Jira courses are up to date and continually refreshed.

Training for all levels

No matter if you are new to Jira or an admin looking to run it at scale, it is perfect for you.

A lot of the time when you do training, it says, ‘This is X and how you do it.’

I like that Adaptavist Learn says, ‘This is why you do X.'
Robbie Melvin
Adaptavist Learn user, IGM Financial

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Learn Jira in Jira

Learn for Jira provides video training written and created by industry experts, delivered to you within your Jira application.
Effortlessly upskill users to reduce Jira Administrator workload, and boost your organisation's productivity.

Search for the answers

Learn for Jira's powerful search allows you to quickly find the information you need right inside Jira.

Learn in an easy-to-digest format

Our training videos are crafted to be engaging and easy to digest. You'll find animations, demonstrations and best practices learned and developed from our work with over half of the Fortune 500 companies.

Easily implement what's been learned

Seamlessly apply your new knowledge and efficiently get your work done.

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Why Jira users love Learn for Jira

Anytime, anywhere Jira training

Organised into chapters and pages so your team can learn at a pace that suits them, fitting in learning between tasks, meetings, and other commitments.

A wide range of resources

A wide range of training materials to suit all learning styles and preferences. Including video, downloadable guides, transcripts, and more Built-in search enabling teams to find the topics they need, fast.

Training for all Jira levels

Courses include Jira for Beginners, Jira for Power Users, Jira Software for Beginners, Jira Software for Scrum, Jira Software for Kanban, Jira Administration, Jira Service Desk, Portfolio for Jira, and many more.

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