Scriptrunner icon white5 Label Tools for ScriptRunner for Confluence

Index and manage content more effectively with ScriptRunner for Confluence's Label Tools

Features and Benefits

IMPORTANT: Label Tools is now fully integrated with ScriptRunner for Confluence as a macro. You no longer have to download it separately in order to use it.

Label Tools lets you automatically add or suggest labels for better indexing, making content easier to find and easier to create. Combined with ScriptRunner for Confluence's bulk rename, add and remove labels features, Label Tools offers you a complete label tool solution. 

Label Tools allows you to: 

  • Add predefined labels to content
  • Automatically display a set of pre-defined label suggestions for users to pick from based on the content of the page
  • Adds a description for each label providing better context for users
  • Create smart labels based off page or user variables
  • Create your own label variables with ScriptRunner.