generic adaptavist add on 100x100 Descendant Notifications

The Descendant notification plugin extends Confluence’s page watch functionality to an entire hierarchy of pages, whenever something changes on a selected page or its descendants you’ll get notified by email.

Features & Benefits

Quickly watch all topics in a forum or subscribe to your Weekly Team Meeting blog posts.

  • Monitor activity on a page and all of it’s children – save time and effort, it just takes one click.
  • Optionally watch any new pages that are added to the hierarchy.
  • Manually override and choose which pages to not to watch in the hierarchy.
  • Easily manage all notifications from your profile.
  • Watch all news posted to a space – easily subscribe to your favourite Confluence bloggers.
  • Subscribe whole groups of Confluence users to news updates – great for company newsletters.
  • Create a link allowing others to watch the page hierarchy too without having to use the Tools menu.
  • This plugin respects all Confluence permissions.