Adaptavist's Data Center Approved Apps

Designed for the rigorous demands of modern enterprises

Data Center gives you the ability to scale infinitely to meet the changing needs of your business, and benefit from high availability and robust performance across your entire Atlassian stack.

Atlassian’s Data Center platform offers enterprises:

  • High Availability -  multi-node environment and active-active clustering ensures uninterrupted access to all of your Atlassian apps.
  • Robust Performance -  dramatically improve speed-of-access and performance of your Atlassian apps.
  • Infinite Scalability - As your business grows, scale up without compromising performance, automatically adding new nodes to your cluster when you need to.
  • Business Continuity - Avoid systems getting overwhelmed, minimise downtime and guarantee access to your most critical apps in the event of a crisis.

Adaptavist is also committed to providing the best support for the enterprise and have created a robust testing framework, better support and implemented Data Center specific features. 

Adaptavist’s rigorous end-to-end testing

We believe Data Center Readiness goes beyond compatibility. It's not just a badge of compliance, but one of quality. That’s why we created a common testing infrastructure and suite to capture performance parameters under various configurations. We use this approach to validate our plugins for Data Center Readiness and measure performance with every release.  Our testing stages follow these principles:

  • Automation - repeatable through a script with a declarative configuration
  • Integration - executed regularly, at least with each release
  • Comparability  - a consistent output, enabling results to be compared between executions

The Adaptavist Data Center difference

As well as offering quality and scale with our new testing framework, customers who upgrade to Data Center also benefit from:

  • Exceptional support - prioritised support offered as standard with every Data Center app as well as an improved service level agreement of 24 hours - reasonable response time.
  • Dedicated Account Manager - Every Data Center app customer will have a Dedicated Account Manager to provide strategic guidance and support with implementation and maintenance.

Find out more about our Data Center approved apps today:

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If you are still not sure which deployment option you need, our experts are on hand to help you make the right choice for your business.

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