Scriptrunner icon white3 Create Page for ScriptRunner for Confluence

The Create Page macro helps users to create pages in the right place, with the right template and the correctly formatted page name.

Features and Benefits

Part of the ScriptRunner family, Create Page button helps users structure content in the right way, specify where new pages are created, what template it used and the naming conventions. 

Create Page for ScriptRunner for Confluence allows users to: 

  • Create new pages underneath a parent page or in a specified space
  • Adds prefixes or suffixes to new content automatically
  • Allows users to create page names automatically based off variables like the parent page name or the time it was created
  • Provides ability to change the look and feel the Create Page button
  • Allows for pages to be created either in edit or view mode
  • Allows you to add the right labels automatically.

Powered by ScriptRunner for Confluence

Create Page works when you have ScriptRunner for Confluence installed in your Confluence instance. With ScriptRunner for Confluence and Create Page, you can create custom buttons that improve the user experience and structure of your content. Fully customise the naming of pages or trigger automations like adding a comment to review the new content when your new page is created.

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