generic adaptavist add on 100x100 Content Voting for Confluence

Save time and effort finding and keeping up to date with the content you’re interested in.

Content voting features

  • Encourage good content, not just content, on your Wiki

    Allow users to vote pages and comments up or down. Each page/comment then logs an overall score, with that and the split of votes up/down being displayed.
  • Save time and focus on the good stuff in your Wiki.

    Users can set a threshold at which to show/hide comments on a page. Don’t waste time reading through all comments on a page – have the crowd save you time and only read the interesting comments.
  • Reward the champions, contributors and gnomes in your Wiki, and fend off the trolls.

    Individuals have an aggregated score based on the votes made on content they have created. This provides a visible indication of the contribution that user has made to the Wiki – a social mechanism to encourage positive use of it.
  • You’re in control

    You can customise the voting controls easily with CSS and embed scores within pages and themes. Enable page and comment voting individually, on a per-space or global basis