Validation, testing and assurance

Enterprises have complex, large-scale Atlassian set-ups that suit the use of Atlassian Data Center. A range of factors will make the implementations unique – their data, network architecture, scale and use of Atlassian Add-Ons to extend and integrate into workflows, business processes and other applications.

Organisations need to have confidence when moving to and using Data Center that the combination of applications, Add-Ons and users is compatible, supportable and resilient. Will it meet the demands of their business both today and tomorrow? That’s why Adaptavist’s Data Center Assurance service exists.

Whether particular Add-Ons will operate at scale with Data Center will depend on your specific environment and configuration. Rather than just looking at Add-Ons in isolation Adaptavist’s service replicates, tests and validates your choices and provides options and best practice advice for your current and future set-up.

Real-world experience

Adaptavist is renowned as the world’s leading technical Atlassian Expert. We were instrumental in the creation of the original Data Center programme and were the partner that delivered the first – and second – Data Center implementations in the world. No-one else the depth of experience in actual Data Center implementations and how it performs in real-world situations.

What does the service cover?

The service encompasses the Data Center versions and Add-Ons themselves but also investigates your specific context – externalities, infrastructure and constraints, reviewing and grading the following:

  • Usage Profile, taking into account the shape and scale of the data
  • Performance Targets and the monitoring approach taken to measure the results
  • System Architecture, including dependencies, integrations, Add-Ons and customisations
  • Load Testing, including suitability for load, capacity and stress testing

All of this matters within the wider context of the business and technical environment, which includes elements such as:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Integrations
  • Business continuity
  • Capacity management
  • Overall user experience

For Add-On developers too

We also offer this service to vendors and Add-On developers to help them ensure their products are validated for Data Center. Contact us for more information.