Highlights and insights: An Atlassian US Summit round-up

This year, Atlassian’s US Summit was held at the San Jose Exhibition Hall in sunny California. It was a great opportunity to meet up with customers and users, learn about the latest developments in the ecosystem and catch up with other partners. It was my first Atlassian US Summit and there was a lot to take in, but here are my highlights, key takeaways, and three exciting announcements.

Atlassian Summit round-up

Domino’s uses Forms for Confluence to save time and money

One of my favourite talks at Summit was by Michael Sheppard, Senior Application Security Engineer at Domino’s Pizza. Michael subtly introduced himself at the booth, said that he used one of our products – Forms for Confluence in Domino’s Confluence instance and that he’d love us to come to his talk. What he didn’t mention at that time was that, together with Forty8Fifty, they had leveraged Forms for Confluence and a custom app to revolutionise how Domino’s handled their security incident reporting.

Michael estimated that this solution has saved Domino’s over 1,200 hours of time and around $100,000. We were blown away and proud to have been able to provide software that enabled Michael and Domino’s achieve such a great result. Watch Michael’s breakout session on youtube.

Introducing Teamwork Platform for Cloud: All the things in one place

One of Atlassian’s core messages is that its software helps teams do more. At Summit, they announced the next step in what this will look like for their cloud products. The Teamwork Platform for Cloud allows you to keep on top of your work by viewing, at a glance, all of the things going on in Jira and Confluence. Now you can start your day with a quick summary of all of the issues you have assigned to you, the pages you’ve worked on, decisions your team has made and pages that you’ve been mentioned on. This means no more missing work due to missing an email.

Teamwork Platforms for Cloud is available today inside of your Jira and Confluence Cloud products in the app switcher menu.

Hit your Stride with a new type of messaging

Atlassian snuck out the announcement of Stride a few weeks ago. At Summit we got to see what the vision is. Atlassian sees Stride as the evolution of HipChat; so not only does it offer all of the things that you loved about HipChat, but now you can also do things like host group video calls directly inside the app, make decisions and even add action items to conversations. With the ability to go back to any conversation and decision at any time, Atlassian is hoping that Stride will replace the need for your team’s decisions to be emailed and will reduce important decisions being missed or lost.

Charlie retires, but a sleek new brand emerges

If you’ve logged into your Atlassian products recently, you’ve probably noticed that things are looking a little different. At Summit, Atlassian announced that they completely redesigned the brand. Everything from the Atlassian logo, affectionately known as Charlie (after Charles Atlas, the famous bodybuilder and representing Atlas), to the individual products, have been retired in favour of a very modern icon set.

Catch up on some of my favourite talks

  • Supporting 15k Customers Without Losing Too Much Hair: In this presentation, you’ll learn how to build a responsive, stable support infrastructure for products without running developers ragged. Watch Jonny.
  • Baseball and Video Delivery: How BAMTech Uses Jira Software to Scale Learn how BAMTech uses Jira Software, Confluence, and other marketplace apps to close communication gaps between teams, increase transparency, and improve collaboration. Watch Judette and Kristy
  • Merging and Migrating: Data Portability from the Trenches: Learn some best practices, including their standardised Export-Transform-Load approach, and uncover many hidden gremlins you may trip over along the way. After this session you’ll be ready to fearlessly move data from one Jira instance to another! Watch Dan and Brittany

Podcasting for days and final thoughts

Each day, the voice of Adaptavist, Ryan Spilken, and I did a wrap-up of the day’s activities. These informal, unedited sessions covered everything from exciting product announcements, updates on Atlassian training and even reviews of the party from the night before. Head over to SoundCloud to listen to more about our experiences at Summit and other exciting product updates. Public Service Announcement: Regular, polished podcasts resume next week.

Summit 2017 has really emphasised how much interest, passion, and involvement that the Atlassian world has provided. I found it incredible that a company like Atlassian, who has put on two Summits in 2017 alone, can barely contain how many products, features and improvements they’ve achieved into a 2.5 hour keynote. This all results in happy clients, happy partners, and what can only be described as a great ecosystem to be involved with! Go Team!