Announcement for users of Page Information, Label Tools and Create Page Add-Ons

Adaptavist Atlassian Add-Ons announcement

The recent update of Confluence to version 6 has brought some much-needed features to Confluence. However, it has also significantly changed how Confluence works. The result is that Add-On developers need to review and update their Add-Ons.

In the case of our free Add-Ons, Page Information, Label Tools and Create Page there is a significant amount of development required to update them. We’ve heard from many users who want to know when they would be compatible with Confluence 6. Some have also asked if it’s possible for us to extend their functionality to meet their needs even more closely.

Continuing to offer this functionality

Updating these free-of-charge tools to be compatible with Confluence 6 requires us to invest time and resources. This situation has led us to look at the options available to ensure we can continue to offer the functionality that these Add-Ons offer.

Now part of ScriptRunner for Confluence

We have made the functionality of Page Information, Label Tools and Create Page part of ScriptRunner for Confluence. This means that we can offer compatibility with Confluence 6. It also gives users the ability to extend their functionality using ScriptRunner.

If you are not already using ScriptRunner for Confluence, it means that you will need to buy a license to continue using these Add-Ons. However, no migration is required. Once ScriptRunner for Confluence is present, you simply proceed with upgrading the Add-On and pages that are already using the macros will function as expected.

If you are already using ScriptRunner for Confluence, the functionality will be available from Friday December 16th 2016. If you have any questions or require support, you can contact us via the Support Portal.

If you’re not using ScriptRunner for Confluence already, find out more about it here. It’s a powerful way to extend, automate and integrate Confluence. If you need support or advice about making the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

From Friday December 16th 2016, these three Add-Ons will only work if ScriptRunner for Confluence is installed in your Confluence instance. You can start a free trial of ScriptRunner for Confluence here.

Enhanced versions of Page Information, Label Tools and Create Page

These Add-Ons will be significantly enhanced with the additional functionality made possible by the change.

Create Page

  • Provide customisation of variables that can be used on the Title, Pre-fix, Post-fix, Parent and Labels
  • Merged Parent variable with Space so that both can be used in a single field
  • Uniform $ variable instead of @ and %
  • Removed fall-back
  • Improved the choose title popup to make it look as the Atlassian guidelines
  • Better error handling
  • Allow a css class instead of just a button
  • Allow indent to start from a specific index

Label Tools

  • Provide customisation of variables that can be used to define each custom Label
  • Changed Label selection to a more user friendly selector
  • Uniform $ variable instead of @ and %
  • Fixed issue when selecting a label the screen would jump to the top
  • Allow customisation of the “Apply Label” button
  • When all labels are applied and there is no further choice, we now disable the control

Page Information

  • Provide customisation of which page variables the user can choose from the Dropdown
  • Standardised the naming of variables and descriptions
  • Implemented dates to be able to be sorted in tables

If you need further information about these changes or your transition to ScriptRunner, please contact us via the Support Portal. If you’re ready to purchase, go to the Atlassian Marketplace.