3 simple ways to master your Git repositories

Git repositories, just like documentation or file systems, can get messy. There are a lot of moving pieces; different projects being developed quickly and many people working on the same things. Establishing a set of best practices is critical to … Continued

Automating and steamlining Jira Service Desk with ScriptRunner

Mirroring Github to Stash behind the firewall

Many teams rely on GitHub for server builds and infrastructure management. But have you thought about what happens if GitHub is unreliable or unavailable? At Adaptavist we make heavy use of Puppet. It’s great for automating everything from building Bamboo … Continued

Mirroring GitHub to Stash

Getting started with Git

Git is fast becoming an industry standard with development teams the world over taking advantage of its superior speed, flexibility and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Getting started with Git Atlassian has been quick to embrace this powerful way of … Continued

Getting Started with Git