How to make virtual teams more effective (Part 1)

Geographically-fragmented teams are pretty much the norm today, so making virtual teams more effective should be on most Enterprise IT agendas. Although it’s difficult to simulate a brainstorm around a flipchart, a chat by the printer or the wild abandon … Continued

Making virtual teams more effective

How chat is changing Enterprise IT teams

There’s growing evidence that email is being replaced by more dynamic, tools for team communication. A recent article by Enterprise communication analysts No Jitter looks at how chat is changing Enterprise IT. It’s better for users and makes work “more … Continued

How chat is changing Enterprise IT teams

Methods and tools for ‘workplace 2020’

How does an organisation develop to match the incredible pace of change within the workplace? There will be more change in this decade than any other for 100 years. Atlassian’s ‘HR Futurist’ Rick Von Feldt recently presented on what the … Continued

Methods and tools for the 2020 workplace