High speed issue linking in Jira Service Desk

This is the third in a series of blogs aimed at making your incident resolution quicker and your customers happier. This time we look at how you can link your Incidents, Alerts and Remedial Actions to current and recent Problems, … Continued

High-speed issue linking in Jira Service Desk

Working better with JIRA Workflows

Atlassian Jira has a lot of features to help you and your team work better together. There are several tools that simplify your work and processes including Jira Boards, Saved Filters, and Jira Workflows. Understanding how these features work will … Continued

Working better with Jira Workflows

Don’t get tripped up by Jira Permissions

Jira Permissions help you maintain order in your Jira environment. However, they can be complex and confusing for some users. How can you help your teams work with them? “Hi, I can’t see the Fellowship Project, and I was hoping … Continued

How to work with Jira Permissions