The benefits of video for team collaboration

Working as a Project Manager at Adaptavist, I manage consulting engagements with client and delivery teams who are, more often than not, in different locations. We might be on-site, travelling, working from home or even working in one of Adaptavist’s … Continued

How important is video for team collaboration

How HipChat is becoming a command centre for teams

With 35 new integrations already available, HipChat is fast becoming a command centre containing all important and urgent team and project information. As with all Atlassian software, the ability to customise the core functionality to meet your specific needs is … Continued

HipChat is a command centre for teams

Why do IT teams love to chat?

Atlassian recently published a study into what makes chat tools so popular in IT teams. The survey spoke to agents, managers and directors within IT teams. The first notable statistic was that a whopping 85% of these teams already use … Continued

Chat for IT teams