How to improve your Retrospectives

At September’s Atlassian Summit, Adaptavist’s CTO, Dan Hardiker, took to the stage to deliver a lightning talk on retrospectives. Billed as a ‘Retrospective on Retrospectives’ is looked at what they are, how can they help your teams and why they’re … Continued

How to improve your Retrospectives

How does Portfolio for JIRA help IT management?

Dev teams tend to like Agile – it gives them freedom to do what’s necessary to meet a set of requirements that are better-understood, more distinct and grouped into more manageable chunks. However, the larger the team or the larger … Continued

How does Portfolio for JIRA help IT management

Update makes JIRA Software more Agile

Atlassian has announced that permission handling in JIRA Software has been updated so that users can fully participate in Agile ceremonies without needing to have full access rights to an instance. Making JIRA Software more Agile It’s a conceptually simple … Continued