Keeping CALM at #AtlassianSummit 2015

Dan Hardiker is Adaptavist’s Chief Evangelist and one of the most experienced people in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Having been to every Summit since they began, he knows a little of what to expect. Find out what Dan’s looking forward to … Continued

Meet Dan Hardiker at Summit 2015

Methods and tools for ‘workplace 2020’

How does an organisation develop to match the incredible pace of change within the workplace? There will be more change in this decade than any other for 100 years. Atlassian’s ‘HR Futurist’ Rick Von Feldt recently presented on what the … Continued

Methods and tools for the 2020 workplace

Ongoing learning and Agile success

Experience tells us that getting the best results from Agile involves seeing it as a journey rather than a destination. Agile requires a team ethos that prioritises ongoing learning. Without that, organisations will find it hard to embed and sustain. … Continued

Agile and Ongoing Learning