Don’t get tripped up by Jira Permissions

Jira Permissions help you maintain order in your Jira environment. However, they can be complex and confusing for some users. How can you help your teams work with them? “Hi, I can’t see the Fellowship Project, and I was hoping … Continued

How to work with Jira Permissions

Taking the work out of Atlassian training

Adaptavist Learn is your source for Atlassian training at scale, and we’ve made it easy for you to get access. Joining a course is as easy as submitting the inquiry form at The point of the Atlassian tools is … Continued

Adaptavist Learn: Taking the work out of Atlassian training

Introducing Adaptavist Learn

Adaptavist Learn is online, on-demand learning for Atlassian software and Adaptavist Add-Ons. It’s about knowledge, community and getting more from your investment in Atlassian software. We’re launching it in Beta so that a select group of our contacts can try … Continued

Adaptavist Learn - training, knowledge and community for Atlassian Software and Adaptavist Add-Ons