About us

We specialise in services and products that compliment and extend Atlassian software.

Atlassian Platinum Experts

Welcome to Adaptavist!

We pride ourselves on being a dynamic, flexible and adaptive company – always changing to best meet client needs. All of our plugins and services are developed based on client feedback – we’re here to serve you, not the other way round.

Atlassian Platinum Experts

We?re Platinum Experts, a respected leader in the Atlassian eco-system and our creations are bundled with Atlassian products and have been included in the core products themselves.

We’re creators of the most downloaded Confluence plugin and organisers of the largest Expert-run event for Atlassian users.


Happy customers are easier to deal with and their recommendations of our products and services motivate us and bring us lots of new business. Read about some of our customers’ experiences of working with Adaptavist.

Creation and customisation of existing plugins enabled us to save more than £500,000″

– Web Developer, British Central Government Department.